Smart Finance

Makyna in collaboration with Al Jazeera Finance are excited to bring to you the first financing of its kind specifically for industrial solutions.
This scheme will enable our valued clients to enhance their financial well being and at the same time helping their cash flows.




123Quick & Easy… 3 Easy Steps!
  1. Get a Quotation from us
    Include all the items you need, whether it is 1 or a total turnkey solution
  2. Take the Quotation to our Financing partner
    Visit our Financing Partner for access to fast-track privileged service
  3. Get a speedy response and you’re done!
    With all the right documents in hand you can finish in no time!

All this and much more on all products & services @ Makyna!


Al Jazeera Finance’s Terms & Conditions Apply


This offer is valid only for legally registered business entities within Qatar for quotations of QAR20,000 and up.
Makyna will not be part of the submittal of the documents, evaluation of the customer eligibility, or any terms and conditions related to the finance deal.
Full Terms & Conditions in our showroom.Contact us today! | +974 4434 4013